Nothing else for it
Stall the ball and you get to go again
No-one can be quite perfect, just an utter impossibility or so it does seem
Nonetheless, it doesn’t make early-doors heartache any less preposterous a feeling
Note how I say heartache, hardly so much as -break
A surefire must even if you have truly done nothing but worn your heart upon your oh so sensitive sleeve
Thieved away quite nicely if only for a little while
A memorable smile or ten
Respect can and will take you a helluva long way
There seemingly no real rules to this particular dog-eat-dog game
Bottom line, when you don’t get what you might just want it can and will leave a stain of sorts
Again, if only for awhile
At this stage though he probably ought to have known better
One such man with one such longing far too akin to everybody else
Utterly shelved
None too self-absorbed whatsoever to let himself see it
Trust me, he didn’t ask for any of this
No-one does
Not. One. Bit.
Seems, however, the writing may well just continue to flourish nonetheless
For therein lies the real possibility for heartbreak
Shake it off soft touch

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