How I tied a pretty little peripheral ribbon right round it all – that vicious, none too little thing

Called OCD,
It breathes crazy wildfires, throughout, beneath, motherf**king intricately between within, All Of We- mark my every next detailed, rhythmic and explanatory word, this is a war of a most unfathomably unlikely, most paralysing kind

And Only you few agonised people in pain can ever truly know to realise…

Why, though? Why so very mind-bogglingly contagious and unkind

Feel that spike and immediately take yourselves away, albeit unknowingly aware, from the upside-wrong-way-down, seemingly so bear-gripped, inescapable nature of it all

When we fall, we fall at a million miles an agonised hour, and lose all fair hope, while a heart starts to shrink to break all over again

Glass tissues at dawn, where everywhere, every single seismic thing, is an issue

This pen may have explained it all over excruciating time, and the cutthroat nature has been unforgettably strenuous aside paradoxically strange

Soon as what’s misshapenly aligned cries out for configuratively incorrect attention

They never mentioned their own glaringly obvious inability to fix a cranium-strain, when the glitch is so goddamn bewildering it really can appear to be comparably akin to walking the irrationality-complex tightrope

This demonic puppeteer has abused you for his play thing, and each and every gathered a-grasp string holds no real weight but for sickly fate awaits

From Hell On Earth- if there is a heaven then why did God make my ass the perfect height for kicking?

All strung out… and, typically, nowhere to go but down, down…





Bringing perfectly working-(class) people to constantly crumbled knees- til they begin to perfectly focus on anything else but, and attempt to rewrite, rewire, and cure an unthinkable thing… quite literally in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it instance

This has to be the literary saviour above all else

And, yes, he is working overtime to find his way out from frustratingly beneath what can only ever be portrayed to others as simply, altogether sizeably, fuk-wit  NOTHING

This silence within, which stirs a crazily stood upright and kindly emotive soul, need no longer be so innermost deafening, deadening to They

Deserve brilliance and nothing else for it

Yet, S-T-I-L-L, this incredibly lucrative want to proceed, because the hidden treasures, even if outrageously/spectacularly marvellous… had to be asked, is it truly tantalised beyond reach? Perhaps not…

Handle with care and lack of attention to aforementioned detail

The world is your oyster, soon as this begging-to-be-released, resurfaced blister sprayed far too haphazardly about your beautiful brain deactivates to tremendously wane, tames itself outright spritely

He’s been thinking and it’s been OKAY of late- he is everything that you believe him to be, and much, much, many more… only circled and momentarily inflamed by deceitful deceit

And he sees it all more than anyone