Impressive, to say the very least
Just how on earth did he find this one out!?
Able to bounce from one page to the next, wage a most elegant and outright conversation
Set it astoundingly aflame
Courtesy of a most beautiful wisp – enveloped rather perfectly
Far too linguistically equipped; before too long, mounds of beautiful, not to mention astute, women feeling the outrageous need to follow suit
Typified adulation
Eye-popping adoration for a fairly average looking man, albeit aside nine separate accents that can only ever raise the bar
God Dag/Hola/Ola/Bon Giorno
And finally, right back to the very beginning, only a little bit different this time
A twist of the aforementioned wisp… then “Hello!”
Trust me, when it turns out to be the wrong woman by the end, he has no such problem depending once more upon this eerily genius linguistic gift
In saying “Hasta la vista”
Far less impressive, to say the very least
Another woman whimpers, fades away into the distance, tail between her legs