He tries to be everything that they do dream of being, to turn out pristine in one such manner will be his ultimate comeuppance – the relieving reprieve indeed
He does see that he will need to steal it all away, to learn how to pay it forward
And not a word of it
Subtle at first, about to burst to the reassuring surface once more
That sought after all-encompassing fucking pour
This oblong face has so far been unequivocally wasted, shredded by unfashionable distaste
Waste not, want not, my friend, turn the trend ’til it gets to unleash itself and finally see all that you can be
And don’t you dare make it in any way posthumous, that cliche has been abused to the oh so exhaustingly fickle bone
Hone on in just like we dreamed of, recall clandestine times way back when we were young ones who let ourselves steal it all with raspberry jam pips in our teeth and nothing but mud tracks prepping our size-three feet – can’t wait to meet you at the terrific middle again
Been twiddling these bubbled thumbs far too long altogether

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