The best thing in the world to make, or so they say
Mistake after God damn pretty mistake
Won’t be happy ’til I am able to make a million and one, believe that this is truly OKAY
Onwards and upwards with the rest of my day
What the OCD did, still does to me, has my mind sprinting at an absurdly worrisome pace
‘Til leaving me completely ashen-faced
No real hardship in all that I do, especially if I can stop my mind from coming out with a slew
That none of you know, none of you see
So what will it be?
A lifetime of OCD or the real me, no such dread whizzing about my head
Only better once I manage to take it one step at a time, not seek the most imperfect perfection out there
The kind bordering on the opposite of sublime
They did say that this would take some time and that needs to right now for me read sublime
To be content with my particular rhyme
So onwards and upwards with the next in a long line