Adapting, indeed, to the unofficial style of mesmerised eyes, to the style of undeniably (sophisticated inebriation). “She’s a certain kind of cretin at having been

Behind a shadow of a having ALL OF the doubts.” They won’t really wanna ++ reEXCITE FORLORN eyes ever again, even when we all know exactly what they did to themselves LAST SUMMER when the sun

Did not SH!NE AS WILDY AS THE summer beforeThat: “when aforesaid mesmerised eyes plied their very own trade.” DamnDASTARD traitors, actually, the WHOLE “DAMMMMMN!!” lot of ‘em(!) She’s been riding envy-laden “SHOTGUN!!” again and taking side-window swipes at the whole DAMN LOT OF THEM. W!!!!!!DE-eyed !MBEC!LES(…)

When it rains it restores her sense of eager-eyed wisdom, albeit (carrying with it) THIS… suddenly feeling of having been: barking-mad resilient ‘til regularly reINVENTED yet again. “He does not like it when we turn our minds inside-OuT and trY(?) to CalcUlaTe their latest state of

Upside-down, lopsided-WHICH-way-tended-towards HONOR-LAST happiness(!!) And if they’re really gonna love what they think then they’ll immediately Need To Think-Of-It-All (of it ALL in DEED) as a game of typified

LaUgHtEr, please. “We have wiped already driest of lockTIGHT-eyes and made our Ministry Of mAyHeM a LITTLE LESS interfering in, and of, ITSELF.” Thank you, though, AND wholeheartedly… for suddenly-both-certainly standing-in-layab(OUT) Line and

Drinking the BLOODIEST-OF-wine whilst you WHILE YOUR interfering time away — “with us aforesaid earmarked !MBEC!LES of mesmerised minds.”