Taken away from all comfortable surrounds, the chitter-chatter, incessant clammer of juvenile 3-foot feet

High-heels paving a way to secretive oblivion
A hidden penitentiary which will forever hide in candid disguise – all wrongful and remotely controlled eyes distastefully permitted to see

A mild-child suddenly becomes top-to-toe vilified – attired in Swarovski crystals finest, a rather lucrative albeit undeniably cantankerous dime for her endlessly, sexually insane portrayal of a lady-in-sedation

Barely ten and already a glutton for made-in-heaven punishment – least this is what the powers-that-be will tell her til her parents permit something awfully wary to take place

Foetal face and
captured by none too comforting, fitting, design – the wailing one with ribbons fastened by her bolstered brain

Tamed into suitable significance again til it all makes direly unjustifiable sense of its seriously questionable self

Unschooled and piercingly preordained the chosen one with harpoons near her upside-down heart which beats to retreat for an age-old century
Brought back to a time of fairer necessity