Your smile seems to stand a push above and remarkably beyond
I ponder you this though, may we perchance get to dance amongst all of these greats – please, permit us just this?
Lend us a wicker-work piece of your incredibly alarming, undoubtedly all kinds of disarming fate
You can manage to take my adolescent breath away…
Never too late when naturally immaculate actually begins to exist
A delightfully exciting yet at the exact same time quite frightening entity mixed rather memorably in and around these all too precarious and seriously steadied strays
Juxtaposed we have to suppose
Paying it instrumentally forward every single time those lipstick puckered reds instantly press themselves fair evenly, let themselves fall deliciously into somebody else’s impressive and sumptuously welcoming everything
Soon as one such person gets to see it all they will absolutely fall at your quivering albeit readied knees
Trust us girl, you were born to breathe
So feel free to tee it on up ten times over
This particular shoulder was never so very warm and inviting in all of its life

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