She packed the most beautiful punch known to any such man
Doing the things that she always did, leaving her ‘better half’ on the absolute skids more oft than not
A welter-weight shot upside the head – ego going nowhere
Flailing, glass-jaw dropping all of its own seriously asked-for accord
When a pretty woman’s immaculate precision becomes the real deal, an outright decision to leave herself one altogether envious step ahead of the game
Had only really himself to blame
Always and forever of these otherwise dreaded days
Paying it forward via all kinds of knuckle-busting karma, wrapped in a most deliciously deceitful bow known to any man
When she steps on up to the fore time and time, goes toe-to-toe, pours all over him when needs be – blood-curdling animosity
Deservedly so
An absolute and outright accustomed necessity
For now, at least
Treat them mean, keep them oh so keen
Monkey see, monkey do
Just watch out for that God awful backhander when so unsuspecting it really is unbelievable

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