Whilst a landscape of escapism simply suggests, for them to borrow their best kind of mountain of mind and to FIND that pace of place.. of time and succession of peace and calming QUIET.

Disquieting, indeed
Quite a mother fucking whirlwind of OVERPOOOOOUR!! An over/emotional SURGING of EXPLOSIVE THOUGHTS… times MANIACALLY multiplied by

A million… times- these quick/thinking, FANtasticALLy reFABricated People: who’ve been through the war of a Lifetime and DONE…. ALL Of The Time. “MULTIPLIIIIIEEEED!!”

Yes. THAT wearisome word again- tick, tick, tick L-O-C-K-I-N-G them ALL OF THE WAY in —

Just like NOONE’S knowing fUcKiNg business anymore

This is it- the fight which will ALWAYS take—

All. Of… “My Might”

From sweet/Unsweetly SeNsE of anticipatory dereliction, to this, that… EVERY OTHER MOTHERFUCKING singularly suffering SenSe

Of… upside down MiNd. “Hi, I’m Brian. A living, breathing MIRACLE of mind…”

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