You’d hope to eventually look back over all the scribbles and see that what you’ve done is… I dunno how anyone should feel, really, about that much of a back-catalogue. I mean… I can’t know how good or otherwise my style has been up until now, but I definitely think that there has been something really, really special and even extremely, ahem, storific (😱) and intelligent coursing through the absolute core of it all. And it IS a lot! Anyone pursuing the arts needs to truly understand one TING (that’s for the brother 😂 😜!!) above all else for themselves. That it’s always gonna be worth it. Always gonna feel good and like a gift, really – that just how it feels for myself anyhow. We will see, I suppose. With it all. But I’d certainly love to thank my amazing and patient and utterly appreciated family for always, always, ALWAYS having my back. They are beyond all of the words in the world that I can ever attempt to knit together and use. They’ve been… the best family any man could have ever wished for and from start to finish.