Please sit with me and help instrumentally bring it right back
Because I will indeed need to try and continuously feel all of it
Every next important bit – tracked to a most glorious point
Seems it truly is earned when taking into rather deplorable account no such longing for any kind of forbidden fruit return
They wholeheartedly anointed us, didn’t they just?
This thing, I can promise you above all else, has been terrifically so bubbling resolutely within
Perhaps residing a little further on over if only for awhile – nonetheless completely and utterly smiling of its very own remote will
We just must gladly replicate all of this blindingly tapestried fate which has forever dreamed about resounding right the entire way around us
Surrounding the whole precarious place one ricochet step at a promising time
The taste was never so very pretty in all of its livelong life
I will die before letting it unwind and unravel, for we’ve travelled far too far altogether
Go on, admit as much, one way or another we’ve dried what’s dire right the entire way out, been each other’s constant crutch