Course I do, how could I not
Salt ‘n’ pepper locks now perhaps, but this one almighty aftershock that I will continue to invite on in
I remember because I can, I want too
You choose what you choose
But the real question is this, do you?
Won’t matter either way, we both took to our field of dreams, quite literally in this instance
A juvenile’s utter inadequacies solely solidified if only for a while
You lent me your ground-breaking smile – a girl about town in the most beautiful way imaginable
We all do dream for such a thing, or so I like to think
Nobody on show, blink and you’ll miss it/blink and I get to see it all over
Thank you, for you truly did shrink for a while, right down to my subtle and oh so flaky size
‘Tis just the way I see it, pretty lady
I had my day – open-aired, memorable and wonderful
Mayhem all round although not one sound but for the eventual reprieve of your mother’s car horn
Relieved to an extent; you see my lips were, still are sealed – I just don’t think that I did it right
Slightly nervous, ferociously so, in fact
But I took my chance
Rubber-lipped, perhaps?
Grew some tact
Your blond locks still manage to bring me right back, a face which told it’s very own story
Of guts aside a seriously giving nature
Did you ever even find me handsome, or was I simply no more than a stranger
Because supposedly so a couple of girls have done since, but all of this will never, ever matter as much as way back when