I guess you’re kinda talking about a wired-in way of thinking. At least, in a literary sense. A sense of.. combining words and nouns and pronouns, etc. even if I don’t know for the life of me what any of those are without actually stopping to think about it. You’re.. holding the fast-paced rhythm in place(by the neck, if you will) whilst simultaneously injecting a sense of prose-writing, too. So… that’s the rhythm, which is, in fact, extremely strong throughout my style, taken good care of, and much more able to be checked and duly noted for its utter worth in technique by a far more invested reader, shall we say. It’s about.. giving my imagination, however that particular thing works, the opportunity to spread its wings and soar. For it to.. bring something literally from out of nothing. Cos that is precisely where I started off with the scribbles: with no vision, no visual- still don’t appear to have that one, and.. this awe and utter intrigue at how things work. By things, I guess I mean people; places; atmospheres and all that these sorts of things evoke with regards the rest of the landscape and for any one person. So, yeah, there is definitely gonna come a time when my process might just become an extremely odd and private endeavour, so as for the progressive nature of the whole thing to keep going. To keep it alive and well 🤷‍♂️ Cos it’s ALL of me. Every single next last bit, ripped open at the seams and bleeding for its entire worth on Earth. And I may be the last person who ever wants to read it back to myself, but I still love it with all my might and would not swap it for a billion euro. So, does that make my scribbles worth a billion euro? In my own mind and with a very intense reason as to exactly why, absolutely it does. Think about it 🤔 What might you pay for your life? And the best part? I did that, I single-handedly created what saved me. The deepest ocean in the world got nothin’ on me 😆 🌊 Even if I step into it with the comfort of a piss-poor puddle. Cos that’s all it is, really. A puddle. The rest- imagination 💓

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