They say that this may just be the saddest moment I ever get to feel
And I got to hold her beautiful face, albeit weathered and atrociously beaten down, as it happened inside of my arms
From the very moment it took the decision upon itself
When silence fell
All of her memories forever dispelling themselves one agonising last minute at a time
For her, at least
Next disappeared her smile
Nonetheless, a lifelong feast that I may now, please god, get to behold
Perhaps even for all of an eternity
Maybe, if I can as much as manage to remain resolute to my brand new prayers, even thereafter…
And I watched her drift too, that oh so smooth river of blue prise themselves away from me entirely
These roaming eyes the only ones which said it all
Truth told, I long terribly to hold onto her dependency a little while longer
Dead and buried dreams of taking her manicured hand all over again, getting to see her miraculously grow all the more stronger
Or did I do the wrong thing, euthanasia always to be deemed utterly unbecoming!?
So it seems I’m left here confused, abused time again by the devil who leans on over my left shoulder, pitchfork pressed painstakingly against the edge
I shrug, yet I still feel that thirsty tug
I do need to be oh so goddamn cold, to sell my soul to the angel perched upon the other side
Hiding from one whilst I get to invite his nemesis on in
Right now, pride for my mother needs to take absolute precedence