There’s this thing about being ambivalent and it should really own its own— state of wherewithal. Indeed, the breath that threatens to decipher UnIqueLy BeTweEn HAD TO HAVE BEEN…

A tantalised AndTantamount thing, in fact(.) These are the rooms filled with pill-INSTILLED people, and they do not seem to understand

Their very own Sense of Utmost Intelligence. Ladies AND MENTAL-men of the GROUND-DOWN table, Per se; per day they’ve EVEN been

Sinking deeper and deeper Dostoyevskian with-IN; to that place of upset and undeniable and antagonised mind-sight —-)

Watch them.. watch US.. watching e-x-a-c-t-l-y what they might like to be doingWithTheirUpsideDownTime, only aforeMENTIONED minD(mighty as it may have once-upon-a-time been) has fallen by

The wayside//hanging to that thread of hope for: a BraNd NeW LiFe minUS

The cliche mothereffing knife-EDGE. They are heroes of different equilibriums