I’ve smoked damn near enough cigarettes to hold my hands up and regret almost all of it – not quite
And, then, you step immediately, rather devotedly so, on into my every single correct direction
Is discretion really a surefire must?
Humming ‘n’ hawing, endlessly searching to thaw my high-wired frustration right the entire way out
What of this magical night…
Damn, seems you’ve been continuously sprinting on up inside of my fair quixotic mind for something akin to a crazed and haphazard lifetime – try as you just might to break me into these subtle albeit courageous nonetheless little pieces before placing me right back together again
Be my merry-go-round, why won’t you, perhaps let yourself pound these pretty bespoke and yo-yo flowing pavements that were unequivocally meant for both you and I
Seems behind every tapestried man there’s perched a beautiful and altogether dutiful woman who will stand adamantly tall whilst he gets to intricately fall

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