The medium took some seriously enigmatic concentration quantified rightly by constant per-early-am. atrophy. Namely of a bargaining both bothered body of endlessly needling bones – having conscientiously empty-minded fun in the sparkling hot heat of the strengthening sun. Just one enigmatic person who immediately swears by the decorous weight of their endeavours favourite-best creation. To somehow relentlessly get to specifically creating uninvolved mere-eager-brilliance is to gather her blue-bottle bearings again, and yet, somebody somehow shall simply fail to forever approach the awaiting necessity of her morning-time, canvas-handed perturbance… just must begin to altogether enviously welcome itself in. For one first thirsty time multiplied by the mildness, mind-numbing blindness of a million moments before it – stands hardy-faced and feeling prematurely real. She shall, however, inevitably both invitingly remain momentarily “empty-handed” amid this constant and unapproachable dereliction in these adolescently inexpressive misbehavings of hers, which endlessly both vigorously appear to be terrifically misrepresentative and put upon unpardonable purpose … Against the blade of the blessed taste of her reptilian face, pl=ease.. neatly if ever again. Pen to the sword – sworn

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