Ride with the rollsome tides and question nothing – and answer it all

These cutthroat coyotes are nothing if anything beyond calling – ludicrously underdeveloped of their inept aside seriously lacklustre and unknowing own accord

You saw to paint the whole snide-eyed world and they shall indeed kneel in gracious kind and thank you simply for that

New blood with meandered surprise – delightfully riveted by the drink-well river

My forever momentary friend, I absolutely see that your alabaster eyes have been pressed, oh so impressively against an alter ego which shows no real signs for deathly dreadful demise

Your strength is utterly fabricated from authentic fashion and we do feel it soon as these days come passionately and freshly upon us – with Chelsea smiles glaringly stitched by our stretched widened faces – only minus the danger-dagger at crumpled hand

You broke all of the waywardly set rules… and, funnily enough, ‘rule’ the bespoke roost as a beautifully outspoken result

Juxtaposed perfection if we are so inclined cliche to push ourselves to use that word

The enigma is delicious so you do know it … … …

And this goes forward either which way forth you take to see it