Tied right by, anything that shall gladly have me
And this riptorn, fractured and worn out world holds no real reasoning sidled by rhythmic reckoning

Been thieved away by the night-sky light
Like only they know how it can actually happen this peculiar way – and the conscientious mind still attempts to reconfigure itself and to magically find

A manner of handling, handing itself over to a rapturous round-of-a-plausible-‘plause
Paused for far-afield, far-fetched, -stretched thought

What have we got, nothing but everything and we simply see… nobody left to want to ought to righteously rely upon

And he, this handsome man, sits and marvellously whispers imaginatively within
My still stinging ear, yet I have no need to feel ashamed…
To meet his heed, to follow his colossal, multi-flustered, artistically manhandled herd, taking into accountably unquantifiable account a proposed necessity on his utterly, understandably embarrassed part

I get it, I must do
Been trying to tap into this otherworldly extracurricular thing

Yet, oh how I did wish upon an Old-Fashioned star there-you-all-are to recall how it could have, should’ve perhaps matter of factual fact been

Scintillating whilst we don out hard-hats and start to act like brothers-in-merry-arms for the
Very first time forever treasured

Would’ve, could have, absolutely should have been
An absolute pleasure

But this is the blunder and I feel it every other… blustered ‘n’ blisters within

This missing entity
Calls me home

Maybe I’m the failed necessity minus the ring
Still stinging – what will be, we will settle ourselves and see
Forever engrained in this brain, I’m sorry

I got my head checked when I was hung, it’s not your problem – just no more blur, please

Seems the pity-party starts here

Just Albert & me, right frame of mind, wrong time – sadly sat, misshapen and happy

I know what I’m worth and it hurts like Johnny Cash on high waters

Hell, hello again