Just everyone fell in-love with her, impossible not to
Trust me, I even fell oh so far
I know it, know that every other man who ever got a chance to meet her has seen and felt the exact same thing
Cannot blame them either
This particular petal-lipped princess just seems to be able to breathe something or other rather monstrous on into our every being
Frightening, if you do so much as let yourself think about it all of the more
Be sure as hell to stare but never, ever let yourself pour
Trust me all over again, it can, and will, be a fierce deathly experience by the rather agonising end
All depends upon your own utter ability to meet her right at the middle
As you can see, she will continue to build up a thousand-and-one stories inside of my mind – this but one rather truthful and dire account
Least I have these words to let it all out, sure ’tis like I’m my very one psychoanalyst
Just wish to God she was sitting in that chair right their opposite me

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