It isn’t necessarily all that we have known TO BE; altho. To see the other side of Suggestive Really is

A matter of manoeuvring our stayAwhile might of minds; we

Weren’t even ALL THAT interested in the first time it takes… to sit and stare At Their Own State of Official DeLirIuM. When suck-in back on Grandpa’s Ol’ cough MEDICine really was —- all that they’D imagined / indeed inside their

Multifaceted mindset. “We do regret to have fretted for far too long a sly and shy~faced amount of time. And why aren’t we even allowed to drink ten thousand bottles of preordained Beers to bless the baby’s ~-~>

Juvenile head(?) but because… bit by bit these disgruntled and HIGHLY habitual people REALLY do seem

—— utterly (dis-)interested actually in judgementally speaking At The

Peak of their wane in PoWeR. Stick a DAFTly ol about-to-Die Flower Atop Of Their Stairway to, Ahem(!!!) HELL headstones — because their mind-numbing excuses really shouldn’t have become such a goddamn

Disgustingly distancing thing. “Even if they will t-r-y… and skip-and-slip inside of our poe~TiC minds

Like a piece of fodder’d hiSTORY .