It is not that we didn’t understand the necessity to act vaguely disinterested about the way the people — rawlyCOMPLAINED about the worldly state of

Undeniable deliberateness(!) “When (all of) The questions ON EARTH and Unearthed were Narrowly asked, that’s when they KINDLY actedLIKE…

the$e NArrOwminded and utterLY: stupendous people, actually.” It did not take a dream, AND in fact… WHAT(?) it will have taken us
an endless sense of SHAMELESS~equilibrium called:: comfortable imprisonments, indeed.

“There’s a little Chinese ANDjapanese Whisper, actuALLY, happening
And they cannot seem to feel the forest faaaaaaaaa-rrrrr(!.!.!.!) from the trees.

If it takes nothing to be kind, then what might it take
To silence an UnCoNtrOllAble Mind?