He’s been trapped by this constant and harrowing inability, fleeing the nest one such lifelong promise to himself
Get ready to delve like never before, sure it’s all been relatively stored, you cocky sonuvabitch, you!!
Scratch that homegrown itch ’til the blue blood gets to pour and you leave it all behind, cross that never-to-be-seen threshold again
This pen is better than these perilous people just might allow themselves to ever think, blink and you will indeed miss it
Sink your yellowing teeth, feel free to peel the outer layer – snare him wholeheartedly, hell, rather romantically if needs be
See, he’s been trying to pry into your demonstrative everything, when your fickle home-truths turn out to be what impresses him most
The harsher you fall the better he does tend to settle his veteran pen and go to town on what does surround him
A wordsmith’s soliloquy toast to meet you right by the middle – you twiddle your bandaged thumbs all over while he breathes a brand new life right on through you
Who knew…
Been utterly meaning for it to be this way – he will constantly get to say what you and yours fail to see – the ability to somehow, anyhow, take these words and turn them to an agonised paper-thin reality
Friendless, perhaps, but certainly not aimless

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