Settle your goddamn brain a while and smile like the sun just leant on in and meant to mean everything to simply you and no other person out there – snared it all didn’t you must
Have they been waiting in relative gest, perhaps, per say, per heady arisen to arrive all at once behemoth day
You are unpredictably in-love with this thing, safe to say fair stored to rip-roar either way rather descriptively within
Do you need We, though // Yes of course you do…
Choose at righteously creative artistic will, please, tease each next leopard skinned individual round-circled RIGHT HERE in your early-doors honour// we wish to follow suit, sprint til soaked to the tenderised bone within your honest-to-goodness Sun
– prone to bathe alongside this requisite dream which you settled to buoyantly share with We
Natural born animals the five thousand pairs of us indeed
Recreating by the second
Most attention-seeking somebody’s with derivative pen at hand do indeed breathe amidst our extracurricular necessity to feed oneself fine, fine and narrowed out spectacularly personified art
You had a heart above all else and, now, my friend, we will take to break the rules with you – to preciously amend for your every second downfall, corrupt atop utterly against primal fears bespokely remote at first will… you won’t you lose yourself, though?
Never of a lengthy day, so long as we get to continue to feel it all mesmerisingly within We – engagingly distilled til thrilling a hundred or so about to be analysed English copies the whole world sober
When you stop to breathe we shall see the real steadified deal bursting to finally, altogether surprising and silently begging to occur
You stir appears to be every other angry scribblers livelong dream… true even if you lie in pretending you knew such a thing all along
you were so strong and this is the ultimate timely come on up for air, for every single piece of the steal
deserve to earn, churn nothing til more than meaning alone
Beating down invisible cranium-suggested barriers to breathe to see//we took your hand and let you dance one first time
So, are we, in fact, matter of asking both altogether kind on these intriguingly interested eyes that find the smiling time
Somehow… you’ll never realise how…