He takes the cigarette smoke and poses to bow and blow a whole hole – within the dreaded and cauterised, numerically awry system

They have missed him and by a bare-naked millennial mile … yet, why oh why must these conscientious demons be so very alarmingly disingenuous with their miscellaneous need for an extraterrestrial probability

Down upon/right round his shredded, mesmerised and complicatedly embedded knees, he smirks a steady, frank and honest smile : to somehow please the real and affable people
With headstrong ability swarmed contagiously near and con-figuratively right by their better selves : indeed he settles to unequivocally shrink and finally sees a sudden way out

Amalgamated from outright ingenuous satisfaction and disarmingly t-a-n-t-a-l-i-s-e-d at that
A pill-sinking, mid-a.m. thankless and anxiety-laden travesty

Fixated by all of these white, sugar-coated, stroll-upon-a-carefree-crime lies which will no less bounce about disingenuous for their savoury worth til caused to count agonisingly upon themselves again

The handsome man’s laid-back and glad-ragged summarise of a lifetime – disguised and comfortably guided, gilded til stolen away by intricate and otherworldly kinds of golden

He shall sensuously start to sizzle and smoulder soon as he is spoken to … and of another indescribable world : breathing uneasy within/without and forever wailing upon/right round our hurting Earth

Ashen-faced and slither-some, barely asking for it, only some will manage to ADHD have him – the Artist knows a little bit/but never enough of everything, just too little too late/as fate plays it’s misshapen part

And pardons itself by paralysed
Black-hearted cards placed upon a lonesome table of misplaced dreams
And the hip-flask of happy whiskey has been sipping and snaking itself to within a cold-sober inch of its equally iced being

Ladies&mental-men, the heightened the degree of genius the deeper it relinquishes, releases, from itself

The symphony of plagiarised white-lies
Orchestrated by all kinds of insipidly suggestive and steered by all kinds of uneasy

Barely breathing before he left us right here – with this thistle-thorn existence twisting to breathe