There they stand with their lavish everything on – preposterously sinning throughout the livelong day to appear all kinds of perfect, no real respect garnered for the entire system, oh so typically besieged
Thieves with navy-blue tuxedos on, none too ready to will you on at all
Swilling their overcooked cocktails to the brim right by your altogether over-indulgent eye
You fall and they get to watch you crumble oh so terrifically
Stumble and they turn a discerningly cold shoulder – the undeniable boulder which lies rather dangerously between this brilliance and something else
Fickle sonsabitches the whole damn lot of them
You will preach nonetheless, ’til relatively still their frustrated hearts – stop/start for sure, none too pure whatsoever
Treasure those inner demons supposedly ‘willing’ you on in the first instance and that trembling backbone gets to strengthen itself of its own homegrown accord
Impressively suggestive, downright distanced
Make what’s good appear to be a little bit otherworldly ’til such time as their every word muttered brings you back into play – just don’t you dare to stutter when you speak!!
Be prepared to play pretend, tend to their mind-boggling deceit right by the all too detrimental middle
When a naysayer’s God awful attitude becomes sensationally blinded by aforementioned brilliance which eventually gets to lend itself to transforming the dread to something of an intricately interwoven win-win
Finally, the much anticipated tapestry of sought-after sorts
Create your very own equally imaginative situation, absolutely akin to the stories that you constantly push yourself to tell

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