‘Twas fair safe to say that this particular peril of atrocity set itself there right from the very beginning – thinning itself all of the way out
And, what’s more, simply all of the way along
Terribly distasteful atop alarmingly dishonest right from the oh so heady, terrifically unsteady onset
They should’ve known far, far better
A Brahma beer or three – twisted flea-stained limes fingered on in copious times over – just did not manage to bandage any such possibilities for any kind of retrieval
A silent yet incredibly unparalleled thief in the merry night
Then, a momentary slice of honest eyes, why couldn’t he simply step on down from this dreadfully regretful pedestal – too much stress playing itself on into the brand new bargain
Pardon the outright chauvinistic nature of it all dear darling

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