He illustrated, painted, in a most constant way that truly did beg belief
Beautifully thieving a forgotten piece of him
Awash with crazy multi-colour, the suddenly swarming flavour oh so bewilderingly astute
A nod toward the genuflecting rainbow
Who knew it, that these quick-fire minute-by-minute imaginings really could narrow one such bright-eyed man’s particular tragedy
All courtesy of the rather silent and sensational mind’s eye about to be manically prised open – drenched in bespoke ability, swimming all too necessarily to the anticipatory fore
Haphazard at first albeit about to burst from the intricate seams which do indeed create the very foundation hellbent upon causing a surefire sensation
Teeming with extraordinary enthusiasm coated in everything quite otherworldly
Soon as he knew exactly what to do, it painted itself to masterfully showcase the progress that breathes right from the glorious core of her rip-roaring individuality
When handsome doesn’t do the picture absolute justice, a resolute message held all too notably within, that this forlorn man will need to reach for the stars again
‘Til finally, reassuringly, on a par with how certain people do allow themselves to see him

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