It’s been coming and at beautifully designed pace, after all. These excelling, excellent people have done their damn damnedest to neutralise all other people’s peripheral eyesores. They DO, and WILL, continue to adore.. everything actually. It’s been aforementioned coming and it’s devotedly been

Getting no such wonderfully sweet return but for.. these fleeting, fLiTtInG moments of monumental memory, indeed. We are now AWARE that we see NONE OF IT(!) Not EVEN for a mere eager split second —

Of upside down, forever fighting(with nothing!) survival
These typical techniques, that are nothing if not: utterly important. The guns are laid down upon the ground NOW, as ALL sEnSe oF sOuNd will distantly murmur AND whisper…

Til they whimper AND scheme to eventually SCREAM(..) These are the delirious dAzE of undeniable/unidentifiable natural pain and it seems

To have sought every single avenue of “Christ-Almighty” anticipation: sedated, Til the date of their age wagers and runs itself down—-

Into the ground
Even if, underBE-NEATh: theirs IS the signifiCANT smile which NEEDS to make sense of itself