My stuff is always always positive. Just depends on the mood a reader is in, I suppose. Blue skies and soft suns and sparkly stars never got any writer anywhere worth talking about. Look between the lines. Plus, somehow, aren’t those always the writers who ended up slitting their wrists?

In fact, positive and negative don’t really play the part, is what I mean. And I have literally no clue what I am writing about until I am finished, and I never read them back anyhow, so… who knows? All I do know is that I am happy as a pig in shit soon as I start scribbling this stuff down. But I am definitely glad that a reader’s message obviously evoked something in me to have to write this particular piece down. They do say that there are two ways of doing everything, but what if there is a third way? Positive, negative… and a reader’s mindset gently propelled in whatever direction their literary intent chooses to assume.

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