Bullish and skittish all in one hecksome go – we must just amount to all-out-war whilst wiring the colourful nature of our kaleidoscopically inescapable minds right by… ..

The shadow-blasting circumference of the stretched, both sketched world… … on out where, though?

Have to, need to motherf**king know it

For now, or forever hold our lucrative, both loosely flitting tongues

And a needle-thin harpoon to the hanging heart – via these swinging, both stinging pendulums of tumult and time/

One- c-l-a-m-b-e-r-s and c-l-i-m-b-s atop of another person’s cutthroat survival technique – proceeds at the reawakening of a most dastard dawn

Eerily Indiana, here he half sits with his face upon fire, tastes real

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