OCD – it is a mental knife edge that really should not be existing. A mental imbalance of the brain in a very, very, VERY severe part. I can attest to the fact that EVERY single sufferer of OCD, however chronic or otherwise they may have it, would pay a fortune to be able to look inside of their very own brain to see what the hell the actual glitch happening really is. The media’s portrayal of OCD? One billion percent incorrect and they may as well be calling Adolf Hitler one of the kindest old men for the utter opposite of the truth the media have weaved about it. It’s not up to the sufferer to be angry with these people, sure loads of mental disorders are surely interpreted entirely wrongly. But… for OCD sufferers, there is no point in trying to reexplain and reexplain it to anyone anywhere. What they probably need to do is to actually sit with that imbalance as best they can. Honestly, you can’t ever really know how another’s brain and mind is working and feeling but with OCD the sufferer is entertaining a false firing of negativity and catastrophe and all the time. They don’t even choose to fight it, so really an OCD sufferer is ENTIRELY removed, really, from the whole mental debacle in so far as their own personality is just waiting in the wings, literally. Look after your own, and I’ll definitely try and do that with OCD. However any explaining, as I say, won’t really help the sufferer’s own mind. But remember this part again, please, that NO part of the OCD sufferer plays a part in what is happening inside of their crippled brain. All that they can literally do is to let all that imbalance be there and to pray that someday that illogical belief that disaster IS IN FACT STRIKING FOR THEM, and I mean in that moment, not in the future or the past because, well, the thoughts are obviously happening in the exact same place where the thoughts happen and at any given moment for, say, someone else without OCD who suddenly finds themselves in a world of trouble and non stop anxiety, except for the OCD sufferer that anxiety stays stuck, ceases to exist.