Soothe and release, please. That losing feeling which fiercely feels so very comfortably surreal, and we shall be inordinately strong at heart whilst your greater parts start at moving these metaphorical mountains again. Stands taller than that, with these imaginable molehills inexcusably imploding til left themselves otherworldy rolling, strolling, pour–ing. Left, right, centre-venture and riotously ready to remain Wide-eyed aside… conscientiously incredible and ultimately violently untimely – Fields made of welterweight gold, so very soon as when he touches his felt-tip face transformatively against the weight of his favourite best page: which sits fair favourably back withinside his favouritebest roomstudio of exploratory emotion met with utterlyulteriorcommotion – And always, always initially remotely controlled until, then… and when, though!? Will those wrought-iron words of sentimental yours, which were forever meant for everybody else but for your dearest self – ever make secondary sense again? Self-exploratory is his favouritebestnature… call him stranger than any of these daftlyparadiseparagraphs that he writesUpallofthesightofnight. Correcting their writerly wrongs… Whilst undeniaby taking one or ten wriggling bullets to the stretch of his magnetic chest… even if the ink is real, still feels like steel
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