If they were really looking for these things to do then they did do it with ultimate misunderstanding maybe(?!) they were acting KNEE-deep to
Keep Up with persnickety people’s sNiggErInG opinions of a Society Gone NotOriouSly AwrY, or maybe it’s all

A localised RUSE now, “for her to bestow her own sense of intelligence on herSELF.” Holy ******* COW, what can we’ve done to make things a bit…

Lesser than LOWER than barking-mad oblivious AND PEPPERED IN transformative OpInIoN(?) It’s a poetry-dish, indeed, of dusted-over demigods and she feels …. fully entitled to this LEVEL of lethargic understanding.” Of it, IF we r-e-a-l-l-y wish to

… catch ourselves napping within, then the time may as well’Ve meant n-o-t-h-i-n-g at all. To them == Demigods of halfArseD persuasions.

Whichever way they see it we see fit… to “fully-******** estimate our own level of

Layabout procrastination actually.”