Bell-ends and benevolently asphyxiating people’s : a turncoat group of under-entitled yet ferociously-both-wandering-and-windswept individuals.

These typified and titular moment turncoats – indeed, and otherwise claustrophobically fighting for their whimsically estranged Lives…

We shall dare to date to colossally care.. Only For-Ever creatively instinctive and radiantly left themselves ill/aware and serendipitously self/prepared… … We just had to bathe, bask and bountifiably ask – but is this their fixated worship set deliciously-both-deliriously dripping Icelandically

This prestigious thing named ‘nakedly in-expressive wherewithal’, and she will ceaselessly speak in linguistic tongues a.gain, so very soon as whenever when, really … he turns his painterly twist/n/shout fingertips in its next upsetting and fret/filled direction … ‘til miraculously left itself met with this outlandishly persuasive egotism aside (dis)associative cases of phrased persuasion.

Turn all of our magic off, pl-EASE
To wreak unnatural havoc is to spare their inertly sacrosanct decisions from ulterior design: Again; say motherf**ing when, though!?

Will it rain sweet Dolomites or shall it endlessly p-o-u-r to re/store.

Plain insane problematically encyclopaedically, s/He feels —-

every Thing
Put upon an invisible string

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