The spilt popcorn and other desirables that make grown children roar At the Top Of their guttural lungs(!!) It’s hella-circumstantial now and thrice-times-too-many that they’ve alarmed their

Petrified eyes and gone —>> into that utter state of official inebriation. We are actually going to take it all BACK and replace our favourite best RePlicAtions with all these other SUPPORTIVE people.

•And if they wish to invite themselves in then there will undeniably NEED to be: “a gift-voucher INSIDE OF THEIR MIND that SAYS: “PASS(!!)” the other buck unofficially(!!) inside

of their preparatory shirt pocket, please.”

They do not seem vaguely interested anymore in
Resurfacing first and FOREmost for the sake of these utterly distanced AND DisHevEllEd peoples. It’s pleasant and it’s surely worth it’s very own irreparable nature to’ve SeriouslySourced OurOwnState of oFfIciaLlyCalmified Demeanour. Where we were will NEVER be reasonably RePliCaTeD though. Not EVEN:: if they

Tried to resurface to REBUILD the BeTraYed titanic and smile… “all of the Falsified, have-a-heart Lies.” There is a man floating somewhere and he IS OCD’s greaTEST metaphor