Indeed they HAVE ably distinguished themselves from the rest, the TEST(!) of tumultuous time has all-of-it been

Barking UP OF THE WRONG TYPE OF TREE entirely: spelt errors and upside-down shy-faced WHITE-lies of clueless misgivings

These Dostoyevskian decisions which shouldn’t but stART(!!) at aLtErInG their very-own ShApE of aforeMENTIONED DOSTOYEVSKIAN dreams: it mother/effing DOES scream to sCrAmbLe To A SaFeR hArBoUr(…)

What if, though.. we needed to NOT know.. how that particular cookie will begin to cRumBle?! And, WHAT IF… it all means to make aforeMENTIONED lOpSiDeD (KIND)s oF cOmIcAl sEnSe of itSELF!!

It IS in-DEED(!!!) an argumentative and highly HIGH-minded CONundrum of tasteless AND WASTED portrayal,

And it’s been… … banging AND BEATING at its own aforeMENTIONED upside-wrong-way-round drum

… … …
Amidst the beat-of-the-heat which Hotwires her Magnificent Manoeuvre of Mind shall ALL-OF-IT FIND

THE TONE OF TiMe to have been, utterly KEENEYED and opinionated AND to a quantifiABLE point —-

Of wonderFULLY abstrACT AWARENESS actuALLy.