She is peculiarly pretty – the kind of which you can either take or leave
At one with her choosing of altogether shoddy attire, how she does indeed adore these multi-coloured converse shoes placed rather flippantly atop her teetering feet
To hide what is insatiable and completely restricted, a Quiksilver cloak-and-daggered hoodie to soften these Hollywood thieves who have been entirely aligned time again by quickfire attitudes, rude bastards by all known accords – the same ones with disobedient dollar signs floating all too enticingly inside of fragmented eyes
She’s absolutely nobody’s hero, everyone’s penultimate zero, just how she wishes for it to be
Prepared to suddenly, antagonistically, turn the screw
At one with Mother Nature, about to be no such stranger to a deep, deep devotion which shall course manically on through her each and every last impression left – oh how these people do delve like crazy
She will keep on getting up because she is loved by her friends and family

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