Seen a few too many things altogether and at breakneck speed indeed
Which way is up, she decides to finally tie a pretty red resolute ribbon right by it all
This backbone is crazily structured to which, an inch to the winds and it will work itself intricately out upon a clockwork dramatized albeit long disguised dream
Been stealing a soliloquy piece of unabashed, supernatural everything drenched amidst this rewired misfired upheaval – to stitch it heavily placated
The unbreakable sedation so headstrong aside lust-filled a mere fall but a simple stumble of utmost necessary sorts
There ought to really have been a medal yet there never was
An oh so rambunctious narrow arrow to a blood again, beat to cobblestone-interior heart, Please whisper in my ear to construction
She carried the smarts either way and begged to pray to prey one next day
Overhead and about to quite unfathomably, rip-roaringly score her own
Like we kneel and say, At Balanced better-than-most breakneck speed to feed a genial soul