I cannot breathe and it feels oh so goddamn good
Seems I have an attitude that will need a serious degree of tempting and teasing before being tenderly coaxed on out of me
These ‘powers-that-be’ turning out to be no more, no less than all-consuming to me
I drink my alcohol in a nutshell, all hell about to break loose, willing to merrily converse all over ’til managing to dry you and yours right the whole way out
There ain’t nothing that I believe I cannot do, string me on up and let me fly
The apple to a million-and-one roaming eyes only oh so dreadfully lonely at the exact same time
I’m blinded by a rather sincere and affable ego, albeit an utter inability to quench these each and every flames
Seems there’s a downright necessity for the pain to rain a million ways downwards then right on upwards again

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