Too many coffee shops to count, brimming like never before
The perfect catchment really
Caught in something of a West Cork rainstorm
Needless to say, every which one of us all too prepared to warm our cockles
A melted choccy bun to one side and I think we’re far more than equipped to ride this particular one out
Head up, a whimper then so much as a learned Hispanic shout from the pretty waitress who seems to be forever willing to work for her worth
Fastened to her Warren Allen apron, entirely ready to impress when it comes to her daily ventures
Then… in I burst!
With Buddy to one corner enjoying his very own daily storm in a tea cup, I sit on down, hopeful of turning my weathered frown the right way round
Soon it’ll be back to pounding those pavements, but first we NEED to quench our every thirst
Head up, I go about ordering a favoured latte and get to chatting once more about one such football team’s utter demise
Not quite disguised by the many, many millions being pumped on in
Here’s hoping this enticing cafe is where the real money lies
I close my eyes and swallow hard before getting to go all over again
And not a single pen or piece of paper in sight right this minute in time