Plagiarised hopscotched variety, while writing my way back to life again and for one first time midst the twist and turn of the half-smoked cigarettes aside caffeinated opiates
All of these opines only nowhere to flow and to go forever hold their treacherous tongues
A ruckus of Holy God fabrication – here he violently sits with his rolling utensil for his fucksake saviour
All of the rhythm only none of the behaving’s anymore
Self paradise, and they do tend toward saying that it shall make sense again
If only, if only Sal dearboy – an echoic chamber of half-mast masterfully playfully plagiarised Epiphany
Bless me father, for she will sing and sin and turn his world into promiscuously misplaced golddust
Great greatDean dreams whilst awaiting for his favourite besttrend to reoccur only ten times a week too mightily and awful enticing
Just how damned good she looks back upon the external drabs of that last insight-fuelled, sincerely expressive dance-floor – this is his whirlwind girl with fashioned from fiction curls near the sexually proclaimed slip
Of her smoke-rolling wrists, had it then he lost it again, gainfully, fully inebriated some shall prey
Can she buy me that drink? Sure as sugar, baby, only ten times as many