When we ultra-anticipated the new+and+old+together eventual things which make it seem — “warily ReaL in fact.” They are where they are SUPPOSED TO BE and how they need (to) NOT be all of the time(.) we did not mean (IT)

To utter PREfabricated words AT HER stinging EARS which didn’t even know of their own state of form-and-endless GrAce: “as she reached for the point of inactive pursuit… soon as WHEN(??)” he did only sell himself out to THE, ahem, SNIDEST b!DdER to Absolutely

… Suit himself, ahem, UP-to-the-ce!l!ng actually(.) We were high and unsightly individuals with our twisted~fists ~~~> attempting to wRiGgLe THEIR WAY INA-GAIN (again) AND remain:

“Utterly unmanned {malfunctioning people} actually.”