The salt ‘n’ pepper flecks that garner utmost respect
Shaping these agonising hours back together in a manner that cannot but build a backbone – working in and around the upside down frown
Serene green eye-shadow which somehow manages to narrow the way – college awash with rather exhausted and seriously hellbent students
Heady aims set upon taking one such direction and one direction only
Namely artistic endeavour, second quite possibly to gaining back one family’s lacklustre trust right from the early-doors beginning
Two thousand blackened-out portfolios fastened safely beneath each hook-locked arm – no smaller than that of an affable suitcase, perhaps?
Styled in typical nine-to-five attire, yet entirely wired to the moon all of their own impressively wayward accord
When a one-in-a-million long shot begins to rule the absolute roost, paramount now that these powers-that-be – rigid statues in their forever chairs – choose the absolute right kind of somebody
Everybody waiting it out oh so fastidiously, wrong-way-round patiently in the wings
When they cherry-pick you, bring you right to the centre of their peculiar universe
The taste was never so very insatiable
An artist’s dream streaming down upon

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