True story, the agony is beginning to live right on up inside of me
A desperate need to breathe through each and every last one of you fools from the onset
Really, you were no more than laughably inadequate stepping-stones, prone to a stay of relief now and then – the necessary vacation from my very own loner brain
I’m a threat to the entire system
The crowds may well get to eventually soar of their own rather thankfully unknowing accord – and they will, of that above all else I can be rest-assured – yet these friends I have come to sincerely deplore for their inability to reach out to me
I’ve been trying but turns out I’ve been cursed by two such decades of deceit – when my flailing arms and twitching feet plastered themselves oh so harrowingly to any bed that would have me – bitterness can rip to pieces all of your stars and stripes, wipe your air supply right out
Now I’m bloated and crucifying any throat I see fit
Watching people write who never get to know what it even takes, too embarrassed I simply feel the need to sugar-coat them in preposterous lies
My wits are split and when needs be I will absolutely take you with me – for you let me down at an opportune time
Why couldn’t you see me when I needed it most – a once oh so goddamn handsome man more than able to make any females lips dance, curse these average and surprisingly ugly also-rans for falling upon me time again – here’s to beer-goggles, seems my list is disastrous to admit the least
Climbed all over my very last everything and cracked my throat, sadly devoted to your very own all too ignorant cause
My heart is broken and that makeshift rope which tends to skip the odd beat here and there does indeed appear more enticing all of the time
Then, and only then, will I start to truly smile
Now it’s all about the legacy that I won’t get to see yet you all get to feel
Here stands the biggest cliche in the whole wide world
Watch it unfurl
Oh, and I do masturbate in my Corn Flakes so you know
Really I don’t blame you, I blame me… True, true story

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