You took the all-encompassing hit, and before we knew it we were right back where we belong – masterfully so, one whole town brought tossing and turning ’til left securely out on its own
No such clowning about anymore, all wax and no goddamn wane
Please do me a favour and let it continue to be this exact way
Immaculately, rather naturally let yourself tease a seemingly fearsome piece of leather-bound opposition into an altogether deceitful offside-trap
Time again
When we agonisingly played for absolute overtime just like our beloved fore-father’s once taught us to do, ’til each and every one of these seemingly behemoth everybody’s somehow get to masterfully kill it
These ugly sonsabitches standing entirely opposed won’t even begin to figure out what actually hit ’em, so gloriously strung out, caught mid unbelievable body-squashing whirl
And then we’re back on our feet before we know it
Retreat, retreat… retreat, goddamnit!!!
Begin to meet them right at the hallowed middle ground, steady feet now
Grab that flaked-out sheepskin and earn your absolute worth – you’ve heard it all before but a blood-squirt or two never hurt anyone
Listen to that rapturous round-of-applause – jaw-dropping, these joyous adolescent eyes popping from beestung sockets ten at a go
So life-affirming that my very own nearly bleed of their own accord, desperate above all else for the ultimate finish
Go right ahead, quench my veteran thirst if you will

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