She put on her shoes and got to watching whilst her daughter smiled
At all of the unblemished moments unfolding all round
The telly blaring oh so slightly in one such corner, the Christmas tree with their favourite star settled upon offering up a carefree nod from all of the way across the room
A Month, or so it does seem, when two, ten, twenty… heck, so much as even a thousand people somehow, anyhow, get to become one
And all because everything turns out to be quite simply, wonderfully concentrated
Sedated rather creatively
Then, a grandfather enters on in, brand new pink slippers in tow
Knowing not to judge, all in perfect jest, of course
Knows so much
He takes his long accustomed seat and starts to puff on a pipe – what will promise to be his very last clump of tobacco
Narrowing his weary, relatively hot-whiskey fueled eyes, he takes out a Lindt chocolate
All too knowingly able to entice the little girl on over
Her mother cannot help but smile, while she finishes her very last ribbon
Face forward now, for it is high time she finally took it entirely upon herself to go and visit her beloved husband all of the way over at the funeral home
Come the morning time, she may just lose herself for one whole day inside of a bottle of wine – red or white, she just won’t care – so as to get to see him all over again
The perfectly sedated imagination – truly both sad and tragic

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