She knows where her clothes are
She can take herself the whole distance – we took our chance and it was oh so goddamn flavoursome
Kind on my eye albeit seriously crazed
Felt this taste a thousand times before
One jaded eye open, I’ll wait ’til you finally let yourself close that door
Full frontal
Pour yourself on out of here, my dear
Steer yourself left, right and centre, just not of my universe
This thirst has dried itself right up
Clear of that all too famed walk of shame
Just so you know I’ll be waiting for you again at the very next bar – jar in hand, about to entice you entirely
Wax Shakespeare lyrical if needs be
All over your place in this particular instance
When cheap LIDL wine and shoddy cigarettes leave no kind of regret whatsoever
What was your name again!!?
Maybe when we go to Starbucks and see that it was all a dream

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