She dropped a pill and all hell broke loose, what is this outlandishly extracurricular thing… Stirring to unfathomably, altogether overactive imaginatively occur

When it all pours down upon/around/right through her

And she feels a little, shall we lean in and whisper to say, messed up – interrupted by her very own swarmed to form demons, the feels have been rigorously let loose and we just cannot quite know whether or not she’ll ever be back again

These people are smiling and laughing, catching all kinds of magically inclined fire – yet, there she still sits, slumped bare-boned broken and over…

Her sorry, distant and preposterously forgettable self – this has been so painfully unjust, and all of it owing to just one thrill-seeker’s pill

Delving and digging like literal crazy, to find her way back to real life again